Message From Rev. Eron

Welcome to Burleigh Heads Anglican Church (BHAC).  I am the Parish Priest (Priest-in-Charge), and I am excited to be serving the church family here at BHAC.  Come along and join me as we start a number of new initiatives across the whole church. Our new Mission Action Plan (MAP) has us on course to prioritise our Ministry and Mission activities towards FAMILIES, DISCIPLESHIP, WORSHIP and SOCIAL-CARE.  I’m looking forward to seeing what God has planned for us as we grow on the strengths of the existing ministries and set forth exploring new ways to connect and share the amazing love and hope of Jesus.

Reverend Eron Perry



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Welcome to:

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Burleigh Heads Anglican Church

Changes to Church Services

We are happy to announce that we are returning to TWO "physically gathered" Sunday church services:

Traditional Worship at 8:30am and
CHILL CHURCH (Contemporary Worship) at 10am [last for the year will be held on 5th December]

If you are interested in attending we would appreciate if you could pre-register by contacting our church office by Thursday each week. This allows us to plan our seating and ensure that we are following the industry standards as directed by the state government.  For your convenience we now have the Check In Qld app.

We also hold a mid-week "physically gathered" worship service on Wednesdays at 9:30am.

Please note we are implementing Covid-19 safety protocols and there will be certain changes to our usual pattern of worship.  This will be explained to you when you arrive at church.  If you are feeling unwell we ask that you refrain from attending church in person and visit our "digitally gathered" worship activities available online.

We will continue to provide sermons for you by the Reverend Eron Perry (check out the sermons page) and links to some wonderful Church Services from within this diocese (Anglican Church Southern Queensland - ACSQ) and from Anglican churches around the globe!

During this time of physical distancing measures and enforced isolation we do not have to become socially isolated. Stay connected with us, and as a community of faith, centred around Jesus Christ, we will support, encourage and love each other during this challenging time.

If you have any questions or needs, please email us and will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

Blessings, Reverend Eron.

BHAC Coolamon Singers 2017

Worship Services

Here at BHAC we extend a warm welcome to anyone visiting or new to the Gold Coast. 

Traditional Worship - 8:30am

Starting on the 18th April we are returning to our Traditional worship service.  Communicant members of any Christian Church are invited to receive Holy Communion (bread only).

Contemporary Worship - 10:00am (CHILL CHURCH 2.0)

Starting on the 18th April we are returning to our Contemporary worship service (at a new time of 10am). If you are young or young at heart this short and chilled out worship service is for you. 4th Sunday of each month we will have Holy Communion [followed by a lunch in one of the local cafes].

Our last Chill Church service for 2021 will be held on the 5th December.

Mid-week Church - 9:30am

We also have a laid back mid-week Eucharist (bread only) every Wednesday at 9:30am.

Parish Office Contact Details

Phone: (07) 5535 6066

Office Opening Hours

Open 9am – 12noon Tuesday-Thursday

Please note the office is closed Mondays and Fridays.

Social Media




Instagram: @chillchurch_burleigh


Physical Address

14 Park Avenue Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

Postal Address

PO Box 375, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220